The War Of Hitler - The War of Hitler

The War Of Hitler

The War Of Hitler

World War II is also known as ‘Hitler’s War.’ Hitler rose to power in the backdrop of the Great Depression and the humiliating Treaty of Versailles after World War II. Hitler’s fanatic urge of revanchism (desire to reclaim lost territories of a nation) and imperialism drove him to the war. World War II began when the Germans attacked Poland. Therefore, it was Hitler’s first step in the ultimate goal of conquest of the whole of Europe.

Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles after they were defeated in World War I. As per the Treaty of Versailles, Germany had to concede their land and pay a colossal amount of money as reparations. Further, there was an embargo on rearmament and militarization. 

The War Of Hitler
The War Of Hitler

 Germany’s economy was in tatters, and they were vulnerable on all fronts. In this backdrop, Hitler and his Nazi party rose to power. He promised glory to the Germans and avowed to make Germany resilient. In 1933, he became the chancellor of Germany, but he ruled the country as a dictator.

The War Of Hitler: Preparation For Campaign

Hitler went on to secretly rearming and reorganizing the German army in direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles. No sooner Germany was ready, Hitler showed his nefarious intentions without any delay by invading Poland. He went on to invade Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Hitler invaded France through Belgium, thereby, avoiding the French preparedness in the Maginot Line. He gained a swift and conclusive victory over France within six weeks.

Invasion Of Poland: Beginning Of The War Of Hitler

The Germans had a secret pact with the Russian on the division of Poland before the invasion. After the invasion of Russians, Poland divided into the German and Russian controlled territories. Britain and France, who were allies of Poland, demanded Germany’s withdrawal. Having failed to do so, they declared war on Germans in 1939. Thus, World War II had officially begun. After a successful campaign in various countries of Western Europe, Germany finally turned its attention towards Britain.

War With Britain

Hitler was convinced that he could bring down the British with his superior air force. From July 10th to October up to 1941, Germany relentlessly conducted air raids over Britain. However, the RAF of the British remained undefeated, and finally, Germany withdrew its campaign to focus on Russia.

Hitler knew that the British defiance was due to the ultimate hope of participation of the Americans and Russians in the war. Hitler wanted to pacify Russia but was not in the mood to agree to the Russian demands. Therefore, to nullify their looming threats, Germany finally invaded Russia on June 22nd, 1941.

Invasion Of Russia

The battle with Russia began the downfall of hitherto rampaging Germans. Despite commendable inroads into Russia, the Germans failed to capture Moscow. It was primarily due to a determined Russian resistance. Eventually, in the battle of Leningrad, the Sixth Army of Germany were facing chastening defeat. Even more, the onslaught of the severe Russian winter completely disoriented the remaining German force, which led to their surrender.

The War Of Hitler
The War Of Hitler

Causes Of Defeat

The defeat of Germany in World War II came due to many of the factors. At a point in time, Germany was on the war on three fronts. The African and the Mediterranean front and Western front though subdued had dived the men and machinery to exert control. However, the Russian front needed vast resources, and Hitler grossly underestimated the Russians. The Americans joined the Party after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They bought tremendous power to Allied nations. Later on, General Rommel lost the African front to the British. The Russian, having successfully dealt with the invasion, were regrouping and marching towards Germany.

The insanity of Hitler gave way to reason, and he saw the impending defeat approaching soon. He withdrew to his bunker and committed suicide in 1945. The curtains on World War II came down with the eventual surrender of Germany and Japan

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