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Why Did World War II Took Place?

Why Did World War II Take Place?

World War II is an essential event in the world’s history, which has changed the world completely. During WWII the world saw the cruel faces of few leaders and the life-less bodies of many. A lot has been written, documented, and featured about the second world war, but still, there are many facts about it that we need to know and understand. World War II started in 1939 and ended in 1945. During this time, many people lost their lives, and the two cities lost everything they had. 

Before World War II, many big countries like America, Germany, and others were facing economic depression, unemployment was high, and countries reached the stage of a war. Though WW II stared in 1939, its preparations had started long before. In this article, we have compiled the causes of World War II. Here, have a look at the leading causes of WWII;

Why Did World War II Take Place?
Why Did World War II Took Place?

Causes Of World War II

For a destructive war like WWII, not one but many reasons were responsible. Most people believe that Hitler dragged Europe in battle in 1939, but the leading causes of the war were buried under the treaties after WWI. Here we will look at the broader picture to get to know about the origins of WWII.  

Treaty Of Versailles 

Germany and other defeated countries signed the treaty of Versailles after WWI. In the agreement of Versailles, Germany was the country that faced disgrace and loss both. Few areas of the country were snatched from it and a massive fine with many terms and conditions imposed on it. Germans found the terms and conditions insulting, and they wanted to take revenge. 

Nazi Ideology 

The rise of Hitler and his Nazi ideology is one of the most potent causes of WWII. Hitler provoked the Germans to take the revenge of the abuse caused by the Versailles treaty. The doctrine of Aryan supremacy all over the races around the world made Germany overconfident about its victory over other countries.    

Economic Slowdown 

The consequences of economic slowdown are usually horrific. When any country or countries face a financial breakdown, it unrests the social and political condition of the state. The great depression of Germany and other countries led them toward the war.

Rise Of Extremists 

The rise of Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy was also responsible for WWII. In Germany, the narrow nationalism brought the nation together. The German extremists were in favor of killing the Jews. Italy was going in the same way of narrow nationalism, and they saw a fancy future in fascism. The extreme thinking of both of the countries dragged the world into war.

Why Did World War II Take Place?
Why Did World War II Took Place?

Failure Of League Before World War II

In 1919 the League of Nations was created to maintain peace in the world. But due to many issues, the League could not perform well and die early. The great powers of the world did not attempt to put control on Countries like Germany and Italy. After the failure of the League, no foreign power was presented to stop countries with extreme greed for winning over the other nations.   

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