The Impact Of World War II On France -

The Impact Of World War II On France

Impact of World War II on France

World War II commenced when Adolf Hitler of Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Adolf Hitler, with his well-equipped army, invaded various other European countries to establish his power. Other European nations in anticipation of losing to Hitler preferred not to intervene. The Soviet Union also joined hands with the Germans to formalize their interest. Stalin of Russia contributed to the association. World War II is the deadliest military exploitation. It not only claimed about 70 million lives, but it also destroyed properties spread over 30 countries. The consequences involved both soldiers and civilians. Let us learn the impact of the second world war on France.

Impact of World War II on France
The Impact of World War II on France

Role Of France

To prevent Adolf Hitler capture European nations ruthlessly, France and Britain declared war with Germany after Poland lost to the Germans. They fought the battle from 1939 to 1945. Within seven weeks, France was defeated, while the British were forced off the continent. France formally surrendered to the Germans. 

Failure Of France And German Predominance

The French militants lost to the Germans within a short span of time. Though reasons were plenty, the primary reason that needs to be highlighted was the MAGINOT line concept. France devised to prevent attacks, prolong resistance to onslaughts, and acquire the time to mobilize their army. The main intention behind building the barrier was to restrict threats from Germany and Italy. But the concept failed terribly. France’s defensive mentality post World War I and minimal development of war weapons weakened them considerably as compared to the Germans who were able to establish their supremacy due to their technical excellence and advanced war weapons. To add, France got embroiled in internal struggles before World War II commenced. 

Nazi Conquest And Its Fortune

France was passing through a dark phase when it struggled with terrible implications of bombing, execution, deportation, murders, and famine on the onset of Nazi reign. Resistance developed within the masses against the snob foes, which did not reach any satisfactory solution. The general French populace waited for Independence. They were forced to abide by iron fist rules and regulations in collaboration with the Vichy Government, the SS, and the Gestapo. Though freedom came for the French people on arrival of Allied forces, the D-day landings in Normandy, driving out the Germans back to river Nile was not immediate. It took them a long time to overcome the consequences of dictatorship.

Impact of World War II on France
The Impact of World War II on France

German Conquest Of Paris

The Germans occupied Paris, and the suffering of the masses ensued. germans inflicted significant restrictions on food rationing, control of transport facilities, etc. Strikes led by the police, postal services, and telecommunication were a form of protests that crippled the country. However, the scenario changed with the aid of Allies and Government Bodies.


The document above narrates the French weaknesses and their eventual defeat to Germany. It also gives us a glimpse as to how the advanced war techniques used by the Germans helped them to spread their supremacy on the French. This also accounts for the policies Germans employed; consequently, those paralyzed the French livelihood in that period.

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