Josef Mengele (God Of Death): An Assassin On Jews

Josef Mengele (God Of Death): An Assassin On Jews

Who does not know about the German dictator Hitler, notorious for his cruelty? His brutality can be gauged from the fact that millions of Jews executed in the chamber of death created by him. Hitler was helped to overcome all limits of ruthlessness by an eccentric doctor named Josef Mengele. He did such medical experiments on innocent people that their thoughts trembled just by thinking about him! Due to his cruelty, he became famous as the ‘Angel of Death’ all over the world.

Josef Mengele (God Of Death): An Assassin On Jews
Josef Mengele (God Of Death): An Assassin On Jews

So let’s know who Joseph Mengele was and how he embarrassed humanity with his evil deeds.

Nazi Thoughts Dominated The Heart And Mind Of Josef Mengele

Joseph Mengele earned a doctorate in anthropology from Munich University. After becoming a doctor, he started working in Frankfurt as an assistant with Dr. Ottmar Freihir von Verschuer. Dr. Ottmar believed to have been a staunch Nazi supporter. Josef also joined the Nazi party while working with him. After this, Mengele joined the SS unit of the Wehrmacht in 1938. It is said that there he fiercely inspired the Polish people to take German citizenship. Nazi party’s top officials turned their eyes on Josef.

Seeing his passion, they sent him for a military operation in Ukraine. There too, Mengele gave his best and won not only the soldiers but also Hitler’s heart. He was seriously injured while fighting in the war. The wounded soldier was of no use to Hitler. So Josef came back to Germany.

After returning, Mengele was made a captain in the army, rewarding his bravery. Not only this, they posted him to Auschwitz Camp for a lifetime. It was from here that the process of messing with the lives of innocent people started.

Josef Mengele Deadly Experiments On Children And Women!

As a medical officer, Mengele started conducting experiments directly on the millions of Jews kept captive in the camp. The detainees brought there were sorted. Those who were able to work kept apart and those who were weak were left to die of suffocation in Hitler’s gas chamber.

He used to torture people with great passion. In addition to human experiments directed by Hitler, he started experimenting by himself. He did not have any mercy on people. Every person was just an experiment for Mengele, whether child or old.

Not only this, he started conducting all the experiments of the doctor directly on innocent children and pregnant women. Mengele was so heartless that he brutally injected women and children with blood injections like an animal without wrinkling! Due to his medical studies, he knew that the effects of heredity on twins can be easily seen. So he started choosing them to do his experiments.

Many Innocent Lives Taken Under The Pretext Of Experimentation!

In 1944, because of Josef’s passion, they promoted him as the manager of the camp. After this, all the power was in his hand. He ran the field in his way. He continued his research according to the rules of the Nazis. In the meantime, dangerous gangrene named Noma started spreading in these camps of Gypsies.

Joseph could not understand why it was spreading. So he decided to experiment again on helpless people. They say that Joseph killed them and opened their heads and experimented with them. Even after this, he did not stop and kept doing many experiments.

Josef Mengele (God Of Death): An Assassin On Jews
Josef Mengele (God Of Death): An Assassin On Jews

High Altitude Test

This test is done to know the changes occurring in the human body at very high altitudes. For this, he left people to suffer over low-oxygen mountains without any safety. Many times they were dropped from there to know how much the human body gets hurt when falling from a height.

Freezing Experiment

Under this experiment, prisoners had to spend 3-4 hours in a tank filled with ice. Through this, Mengele wanted to find out how the human body reacts in this situation. During these experiments, the people used to freeze and die due to cold, but still, he did not feel sorry.

Experiment With Seawater

He tested all his experiments on these people to make seawater drinkable. It is said that they were given only seawater mixed with various chemicals for drinking. It caused great pain in their body, and they also suffered grave internal injuries.

Apart from this, Mengele also used malaria, many types of poison, and poisonous gases. No one can guess how those prisoners would have endured them all.

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