Ghettos: The Holocaust Of World War 2 -

Ghettos: The Holocaust Of World War 2

Ghettos: The holocaust of World War 2

 The growth of fascism and Nazism in Italy and Germany in the late 1930s become evident with the invasion of Poland in September of 1939. Now the world could realize the philosophy behind the political ideologies of these countries, which had no respect for moral values ” win at any cost” and was solely dictated by prejudices of Heads of this country. They stifled the voice of people by inserting the belief that Minority Jews and communists were responsible for the weak economic state of the country. Adolf Hitler implemented severe inhumane measures to isolate Jews from the mainstream society. Ghettos, concentration, and extermination camps were formed to propagate hate crime and discrimination. The anti new policy of Austria’s premiere fostered Hitler’s hatred for Jews. He used it as a political doctrine to fuel his desire for power and fame. 

Ghettos: The holocaust of World War 2
Ghettos: The Holocaust Of World War 2


Places in which minorities or members of the same group live are Ghettos. For instance, slums, houses of the people below poverty lines. Adolf Hitler started forming ghettos in Poland and other European cities after their invasion of Poland. The first ghetto was built on 8 October 1939. First ghettos were at Piotrków Trybunalski. Germans focused on populated areas of Jew by creating metropolitan ghettos in Warsaw and other big cities in Ukraine and Hungary. They had to endure inhumane conditions to survive. It prohibited for Jews to talk with other people or to conduct any business with them. They were living on bare minimum ration supplied for survival.

Ghettos not only served as a form of social and economic isolation but also as a form of ethnic genocide. Many died of contagious diseases, and there was no medical support. Approximately 70000 people died in the Warsaw ghetto. World by now could sense the monster in the policies of these countries.  

 Ill-treatment of Jews continued with the formation of different types of ghettos open, closed and destructive 

Ghettos: The holocaust of World War 2
Ghettos: The Holocaust Of World War 2

 Open, Closed And Destruction Ghettos

Jews were confined to a specific area, which was cordoned and patrolled by police. As a result, many died of epidemics and starvation. 

Barbed wires and closed walls sealed the Ghettos. Moreover, ghettos resembled a prison. For example, 1000 Jews stayed in an area that could accommodate seven families.    

 In fact, people were taken to such Ghettos for extermination. They were brutally assaulted and murdered there. The world has never witnessed such ethnic cleansing acts. However, ethnic discrimination continued in concentration camps, where Jews interned without any causes. Moreover, anyone making attempts to escape was also got capital punishment. Similarly, the same punishment was for the people who interacted with them.

Therefore, the holocaust progressed to ethnic genocide by setting up extermination camps. 


In short, the massacre was the cruel manifestation of hate crime in the annals of warfare history. Meanwhile, Japan’s bombing of pearl harbor was another event that precipitated the war, which culminated in 1945. Lastly, it marked the end of colonialism in most of the countries and paved the way for democracy. 

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