Forgotten Bloody Battle for Nuremberg 1945

Battle of Nuremberg 1945

Nuremberg city was a bastion of the Nazi cause. It was where the Nazis held their first and biggest rallies before World War II erupted. It also gained extreme political significance to the Nazi Regime because fanaticism was highest in the city. For all these reasons, the Battle of Nuremberg 1945 is etched in German history as the site of the fiercest and bloodiest urban warfare during World War II.

It became a landmark in the history where the trial saw 24 primary Nazi criminals. Eleven of them were punished to death and others obtained short sentences in prison. It is a bloody battle that killed millions of innocent people. And until now, some honor their deaths and commemorate their absences.

Fanatical Resistance

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In April 1945, the German Army’s controlled territories became constricted and finally became limited to Berlin to Munich, as well as Nuremberg. The Western Allies invaded Germany from the west while the Soviet Armies attacked the east.

Adolf Hitler ordered Karl Holz, the Reich Defence Commissioner to defend the city unconditionally and that defenders must “hold the line.”

On April 15, anti-tank weapons were positioned in the suburbs and along the ring around the Old Town. The Nazis expected an attack from the west. Unexpectedly, the US Troops rapidly advanced from the northeast and the east of Nuremberg. Holz made the mistake of believing that the American forces would give up, and he overestimated the number of his own troops.

In the meantime, the 3rd Division of the United States faced fanatical and fierce resistance on every street. there was fighting in the stress, and the US forces fought their way through the city from house to house. Battle-hardened soldiers, veterans of the Battle of Normandy and the Rhineland war campaigns were severely tested in the Battle of Nuremberg 1945.

The Capture of the “Shrine”

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On April 18, the US artillery relentlessly shelled the old city. Many houses were destroyed during the intense fighting. The following April 20, the US army deployed heavy artillery and bomber aircraft as German combat units continued to resist. By noon that day, the German troops surrendered. Holz died in a cellar of the police station under heavy fire by the US army.

At the end of the five-day battle, more than 90 percent of all buildings in Nuremberg were destroyed. The air bombardment took 8,076 victims, while 371 civilians died. The Battle of Nuremberg 1945 left 800 casualties on the side of the Americans.

On the night of the capture of the “shrine of Nazism,” the Americans raised their flag at the Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Hauptmarkt) to mark the victory for the Allied forces in Nuremberg.

Final Thoughts

There are many events in history that have been forgotten already. In reality, they have helped our history become better. Yet, some still remember and tell this story. for years, the Nuremberg term represents justice. But, many accused Nuremeber to be the major reason why there will ill-treatments, killing, slaughter, and persecution of million people.

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