Barbarossa: Invasion Of Soviet Union -

Barbarossa: Invasion Of Soviet Union

Barbarossa: Invasion Of Soviet Union

Here we will be discussing operation Barbarossa, which is a notable event in World War II.

The war witnessed a considerable number of casualties of civilians and soldiers. The war started with Axis powers, who wanted to conquer and rule other nations. It also marked the end of imperialism and led to the independence of nations.

The war manifested its horrific phase between 1939 and 1945, which formerly was about conquests, and then the focus of axis powers. Germany, in particular, adopted a hated policy not only against Jews but also people of conquered countries. The goal was to acquire territories to support the German population in these countries. Germans were ruthless in the execution of innocent people. Poland was captured in 1939 and was then converted into a graveyard for the Jews. 

Barbarossa: Invasion Of Soviet Union
Barbarossa: Invasion Of Soviet Union

German’s unethical war strategy shook the conscience of the entire world, when it’s policy was redesigned to killing people for acquiring their regions. In fact, Countries, which were hostile to their policies suffered hugely. Few countries like France exchanged sides from allies to the axis and played a role in massive scale destruction of life and resources.

The Soviet Union, which signed two pacts on political and economic strategies, invaded Poland with Germany in 1939. It was a witness to horrific hate crimes.

Operation Barbarossa And German War On Soviet Union 

Operation Barbarossa is the code word for the invasion of the Soviet Union, given by Adolf Hitler. Germans started the attack on the western borders of the Soviet Union to accommodate the German population. The war began on the 22nd of June, 1941. The germans deployed massive forces with warring units from Romania, Italy, and Finland joining them. The Germans led by Brauchitsch launched the offensive with three million personnel in the 2800 km stretch of the western border.

Barbarossa: Invasion Of Soviet Union
Barbarossa: Invasion Of Soviet Union

The axis powers simultaneously attacked them on the eastern front. It witnessed massive destruction and horrific crimes. They captured 5 lakh soldiers of the Soviet. Germans conquered the strategic locations of Ukraine. It sounded warning bells to other allied forces. Axis victory was on the cards with its significant territory gain. 

There was a massive turnaround in the battle of Moscow after axis initial gains the warsaw Germans launch an all-out.

Offensive, attacking Moscow from three sides with forces marching towards the center of Moscow. The fall of the Soviet Union appeared inevitable. Still, the Soviet’s brilliant counter-strategy of attacking Germans with newly formed troops from Siberia. And the interior parts took Germans by surprise as they had stopped operations due to laxity. The Germans backed, and many units of German army surrendered resulting in the victory of Soviet union 

Final Context

Germans retreated the Soviet Union with huge disappointment. Moreover, the war caused heavy casualties on both sides. Lastly, it became a battle of wits and tactics in which the Soviet Union prevailed. It was considered the turning point in the history of the second world war, which was dominated by axis powers till then. Lastly, the victory uplifted the morale of allies.

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