Auschwitz: The Butcher House OF World War II -

Auschwitz: The Butcher House OF World War II

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Auschwitz was built in Poland in 1940 to kill and detain the war prisoners. The exact location of the camp was southern Poland. The Nazis made three camps here; one for prisoners, the second one was the extermination camp, and the last one was the slave-labor camp. This location was the final solution of Nazis for the Jews and other races.

Initially, they used the location as a detention center for the political prisoners, but later on, this place served as a punishment center for the civilians of defeated areas. No record is available on how many people lost their lives in Auschwitz. Approximately, 1.1 to 1.5 million people died here. Out of them, 90% were Jews, who the Nazis used to consider as their prime enemy.

 Auschwitz: The Largest Death Camp

Nazis cleverly chose the location of Auschwitz for playing an essential role in the ‘Final Solution.’ The place had a railway junction with 44 parallel tracks. Nazis used these trains and tracks to bring the Jews from all over Europe to kill them.  

Auschwitz: A Hell OF World War II
Auschwitz: The Butcher House OF World War II

Auschwitz And Its Subdivisions

The first camp in Auschwitz established on April 27, 1940. The main motive of the first camp was to keep the political prisoners. The first convey of prisoners brought here in June 1940. By October, in the same year, the work began for Auschwitz II.

The location of the second camp was near to the Brzezinka village. Later on, SS developed the concentration camp and extermination center. They built three hundred barracks here; out of those four were large. These four barracks were also known as the Gas Chambers, where poisonous gases killed prisoners. A place for storing dead bodies and cremating ovens were also built here. 

In May 1942, the Nazis developed Auschwitz III near the village of Dwory. Here the Nazi Army kept the slaves to send them for work in the nearby chemical and rubber factories.

Auschwitz: A Hell OF World War II
Auschwitz: The Butcher House OF World War II

Torture In Nazi Camps

The stories of tortures in these camps are horrifying. By mid-1942, the Nazis started to send the Jews and people from other races to these camps. On arrival of people, the officials present at the camp checked them. They sent the healthy prisoners to the labor camps. The other ones who were unfit for work like pregnant women, young children were sent to the Gas Chambers. From a bunch of people, they choose a few children and twins for the experiments. These experiments were weird and against humanity. Prisoners in Gas Chambers died immediately but in the experiment center, they died slowly.

Liberation Of Auschwitz

Nazis started to lose the war by the end of 1944. The allied forces were gaining more power, so it was clear that soon, Nazis will have to run away from Auschwitz. Thus, they started to destroy the proofs of inhuman acts performed at their camps. In January 1945, when the Soviet army entered Krakow, Germans left Auschwitz. They forced approximately 60,000 prisoners to march to Gliwice or Wodzislaw. Therefore, the Soviet military found 7,600 sick detainees and piles of shoes, clothes, and human hair.

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