Auschwitz Death Camp: Five Shocking Facts -

Auschwitz Death Camp: Five Shocking Facts

Auschwitz Death Camp: Five Shocking Facts

In the 20th century, humanity will forever remember by the horrors of the Second World War and also by the bloody crimes of Nazi totalitarianism. I rightly considered one of the symbols of the atrocities of Nazism. The Auschwitz -Birkenau death camp, located near the Polish city of Auschwitz.

It was this notorious concentration camp that became the site of the most massive extermination of civilians in the entire history of humankind.

Auschwitz Death Camp: Five Shocking Facts
Auschwitz Death Camp: Five Shocking Facts

Auschwitz Became The Site Of The Most Massive Extermination Of People In The History Of Humanity

The main task of the German concentration camps was the physical destruction of prisoners after using their slave labor. If they recognized any as disabled, they killed them immediately and brutally. The category of “suicide bombers” included children, the elderly, the disabled, the wounded, and the sick. They separated the mothers from their children if they found them capable of doing work.

The total number of victims of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp has not yet been established. But according to various estimates, it is from 1 to 4 million people. Prisoners of the field were destroyed in crematoria and also died due to inhumane working conditions, hunger, cold, harsh punishments, epidemics, and medical experiments.

In The Concentration Camp, The Latest Means Of Mass Destruction Of People Tested

The killing of people was put on the conveyor and carried out using the latest inventions of science. The best technicians and engineers of the Reich were looking for ways of the cheapest and mass destruction of entire nations and races. One of the results of their work was the “invention” of a kind of tandem: gas chambers + crematorium.

The practice of their application brought to automatism. After arriving at the camp, prisoners sorted into fit and also unfit for work. Furthermore, children, the elderly, the disabled, directly from the railway platform, sent to gas chambers and crematoriums. The victims forced into the so-called locker room. Furthermore, people get the order to undress completely and also allegedly have taken for the shower. As a result, the unfortunates were bringing to gas chambers. 

By order of the on-duty “doctor,” the Cyclone-B toxic gas cylinders are open, and also their contents sent through gas vents to gas chambers. After a few minutes, the victims seem dying of suffocation and poisoning. Then, human bodies sent for burning in a crematorium. The resulting ash will use as a fertilizer to for agricultural fields.

Auschwitz Death Factory Hosted Many Political Prisoners

A separate group of prisoners from the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as political prisoners. This category includes politicians and also public figures from the territories. It is occupied by the Reich, prominent scientists, cultural and art workers, and journalists.  Political prisoners were German citizens, one way or another disagreeing with the policies of Adolf Hitler.

Among The Most Brutal Overseers Of The Auschwitz Death Camp, There Were Many Women

According to expert estimates, about a tenth of the concentration camp personnel were women. At the end of 1944, their number approached the figure of 3500-4000 people. Furthermore, many of them volunteered for such a service, not only in the medical or business unit but also in the security structure. Work in the SS system attracted young Germans with career opportunities and high wage rates.

One of such notorious warders was Irma Grese. In the years 1943-1945, She held the position of senior overseer of the women’s department of the camp. In her twenty-odd years, the girls distinguish by incredible cruelty to prisoners, having received the nicknames – “Blonde Devil,” “Beautiful Monster,” “Angel of Death.”

Auschwitz Death Camp: Five Shocking Facts
Auschwitz Death Camp: Five Shocking Facts

She tortured prisoners using a wide range of methods – from psychological intimidation to sophisticated physical torture. Sometimes, she made a “random shooting” or killed the victims to death. For the sake of entertainment, Irma Grese keeps the prisoners with dogs and also personally selects hundreds of people for bringing them to gas chambers.

Moreover, zeal for work highly appreciated by the head of the women’s camp in Auschwitz, Maria Mandel. She herself was happy to torture imprisoned women each time inventing more and more tortures.

Newborns Immediately Killed

Tragically, the fate of pregnant women was taking shape in the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. The Nazis perceived the period of pregnancy as a hindrance to the performance of women and also infants themselves – as an undesirable “product.”

Likewise: children born in a concentration camp are going to kill brutally and also drowning in metal barrels. After giving birth, the babies were brought to a room, where a baby’s cry broke off and also a splash of water came to the women in labor. The woman in labor could see her baby’s body thrown out of the hut and also torn by rats,

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